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Sawmill saw line automation

We design, install, repair, adjust, optimize and improve saw lines.

Sale of new and used sawmill saw line.

We offer saw lines for small logs, logs, pale cylindrical formation and peeling lines, package, board production lines, electricity pole production lines of different capacity, starting from 7 000 m³ logs per year to fully assembled woodworking lines for complete log processing with capacity of 100 000 m³ logs per year.

We also consult employees and owners of sawmills regarding equipment of machinery, as well as help to find and introduce the best and suitable solution.

Full and partial optimization, automation and improvement of saw lines (log, board forward and backward supply, packing, sorting, extension, package transport automation).

Used sawmill for sale AKE
AKE sawmil line
With reducer,
3 band saws AKE.
Sorting line for bords: 40 pockets. 22 with hydraulic.
Construction 1995 year.
Destination: Latvia
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