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Conveyor systems, transporters

We manufacture conveyors, conveyor systems and transporters of different capacity and type.

We also offer different type of new and used transporting and sorting lines. We supply spare parts and components for transporters (sets of support rolls, tension rollers, repair/change of frames, etc.).

Our offer includes:


  • Transport conveyors (roller, chain, belt, with and without drive, of different material and type);
  • Conveyors and transporters for woodchips, chips, coal, gravel-pits, peel, waste, logs, boards, timber, packages;
  • Supply conveyors for pressing, drying, boiler rooms, sawmills, pits;
  • Belt transporters and conveyors of different length and width;
  • Chain conveyors.

We offer to equip conveyors with frequency inverter – speed control.

We use equipment produced by Bruks, Soderhamn, ARI, Erjo, Weinig, Waco, Cambio and Bezner.

There are different price categories – suited to desires and resources of the clients and based on type and condition of conveyors.


Used belt conveyor system for sale
Used belt conveyors
Wide 300-600 mm
Lenght 10-50m

Used belt conveyor
Used belt conveyor.
Quarry conveyor in good condition.
Belt width: 610mm
Long: 7.5m
Location: Sweden

New chain conveyor manufacturers
New chain conveyor manufactor

New Conveyor systems
New conveyor manufacturers - SwedAbo LTD from Sweden
Transport conveyors (roller, chain, belt, with and without drive, of different material and type).

Manufacture conveyors by client request.

Used conveyor system - quarry conveyor
Used conveyor system. Quarry conveyor in good condition.
Width: 1000 mm
Location: Sweden
Price: 262Eur/m
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