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Circular saw, band saws

Installation, repair and sale of new and used band saws and multiple circular saws.

We offer new and used band saws and multiple circular saws, as well as installation and repair thereof, for example, AKE band saws with wide bands (175-220 mm), Primultini, Esterer etc. band saws with carriage supply and high capacity.

 Band saws:

  • Wood saving: band saws produce fewer chips and more boards of every log due to narrower sawing,
  • Energy saving: narrow band saws require lower power engines,
  • Tools saving: price for narrow band saws are lower because they contain less metal and they are particularly easy to sharpen,
  • Economic and easy to operate: for band saw machines or band sawmills.
  • Band saw machines are able to cut logs of larger diameter, over 1 m.

    Band parameters: 32mm, 35mm,38mm, 45mm un 50mm; four saw tooth profiles: 10/32 – for solid and soft wood; 13/29 – only for soft wood; 9/29 – for solid and frozen wood; 4/32 – for extra solid, frozen and dry wood. 

Multiple circular saws (ripsaws):


We offer design of multiple rip saw lines and sale, repair and maintenance of new and used machinery. We will design all the supplies you need and optimize or automate your sawmill.  

We buy and sell.


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Circular saw double
Double circular saw Doledene
Saw High 430 mm, wight 280mm.
Maw long 5765 mm.
Speed 0-53 meter/minute.
Two conveyors.

Used band saws Soderhamn 240
Soderhamn 240-15, year of construction 1990,
With 3 AKE band saws 1500 mm wheels with in / out feeder

Used multiple circular saw for sale ARI DS 73
Multiple circular saw ARI DS 73
Made in Sweden
Construction 1986

Used multiple ripsaw for sale ARI KS 124
Four blade ripsaw ARI KS 124
made in Sweden
Construction 1986 year
In/out feed conveyors.
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