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Phone(English, Russian): + 371 22832699     E-mail: info@industrialmachine.eu

Industrial Machine is company representing Swedish quality and experience in design, construction, assembly, dismantling and maintenance of woodworking and manufacturing equipment for decades. Industrial woodworking machinery.

Today the company is operating in several countries including Sweden, Norway, Russia, Belarus, Poland and Latvia as well.

The managers and employees of the company are highly qualified specialists working in this field for over 10 years.

Swedabo provides wide range of services related to design, production, installation, maintenance, repair, purchase and sale of woodworking and manufacturing equipment. Swedabo specialists work on behalf of clients interests based on every client’s individual desires, priorities and resources. Long-term cooperation with manufacturers from all over Europe makes it possible to provide the best solution for client’s desires and to offer both complex automatic lines and small equipment suitable for smaller manufacturers. Emphasizing good service, we offer warranty service for implemented projects and high quality post-warranty service.

We focus on quality and professionalism; therefore we hope that our work and provided high quality services will bring profit also to our cooperation partners.

We offer woodworking equipment of different capacity level, starting from 7000 m³ per year to fully assembled woodworking lines for full log processing with capacity of 80 000 m³ log per year.

We also offer woodworking machinery of different modification – both simple construction and equipped with hydraulic units and mechanisms, as well as electromechanical and programmable control that makes the work easier and improves capacity.

We offer wide range of new and used conveyors for production lines.

The company engages qualified and professional specialists who will install, adjust and launch the machinery at your location, as well as consult employees of sawmills regarding maintenance of the machines.

TechCher TM     Phone(English, Russian): + 371 22832699     E-mail: info@industrialmachine.eu